Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Day 2 - sneaky snacks

I managed really well until I went to the post office/shop in my morning break. Now the students are back at the university there are lots of special offers (nobody cares about those of us who work there when there are no students... sniff) and today it was a newspaper and a 100g bar of chocolate (plastic wrapper) for 30p. I was hungry and I caved in. Somehow I can't resist a "bargain". I think I told myself that buying in bulk saves waste long term ;) but afterwards I was a bit disappointed with myself!

Moral: don't shop when hungry.

I also bought some cottage cheese, to make a good afternoon snack (which I need before an evening run) with a crispbread left over from last week. The tub will become my loose change pot and help me tidy my desk drawer! But the crispbread wrapper can't be recycled, and I am not sure about the foil lid sealing the cottage cheese tub. Anyone?

Dinner generated:
  • one small plastic bag (from our two pork steaks from the butcher)
  • a small amount of fat trimmed from the pork
  • a yoghurt pot and plastic lid (last week's purchase, going out of date)
  • a cereal bar wrapper (oops)
With the pork we had onions and peppers (no packaging) and rice (bag not finished), plus spices from the store cupboard.

Dilemma tomorrow as I have run out of lunch boxes! For boring reasons relating to not cycling home today or yesterday, both mine are still at work. But I am sure I can dig a bag or box out of the cupboard tomorrow morning, otherwise it would have to be a purchased lunch :( The random things which can affect your waste-free efforts are truly mind boggling.

Actually, I may investigate the waste-free lunch options on campus anyway, in a purely theoretical way. Enquiring minds need to know. Then there is the whole issue of rubbish at work...

Waste for today:


  1. I shall bring you a lunch box in the morning! And you can recycle foil at Norfolk County Council Household Waste Recycling Centres. Bonza!

  2. Thanks for returning the box! I had already found one, but as I am going to a gig and so not cycling home tonight either, that might need to be tomorrow's. (If I dared leave my bike anywhere near the Waterfront it would be another story...)

    I don't usually have this problem at all, honest!