Thursday, 23 October 2008

Setting my sights... low

Hello! So you've come to read about the contents of my bin? Welcome!

Yes, it's yet another zero waste type blog... well, I am not aiming to compete with the brilliant likes of The Rubbish Diet or My Zero Waste, but this blog will at least cover my participation in Norfolk's Waste Free Week 2008. I'm intrigued to see how little waste I can generate, and how I could take that amount even lower.

Like most people, if asked how much waste I produce, I would say not very much. I think of myself as quite waste-aware, being a moderator on Norwich Freecycle, but now I have been challenged by my friend and fellow newbie waste-blogger Alex to see how good I really am! I sense a bit of healthy competition coming up.

I am feeling all fired up having just attended the Norfolk Waste Partnership annual conference today, which included an inspirational talk from Karen of Rubbish Diet fame! So, it's time to compile my rubbish history for this week, ready to compare with the challenge week starting on Monday. Thrilling times ahead...


  1. Excellent stuff ermintrude75! I like a little healthy competition :)

  2. Have just found your blog and thank you so much for the write-up. Can't wait to see how you get on this week. So great to go for a head-to-head challenge with a friend too. BTW, I'm covering the Norfolk Waste Free Week on my blog next week, do you mind if I include your link? Anyway, good luck :-D

    P.S. are you the same Katy who's visited my blog today?

  3. @ Alex: bring it on, missus :D

    @ Almost Mrs A: yes, I am the same person, I'm still getting my blogger identities sorted out. I hadn't set this up when I commented there!

    Please go ahead and include a link (oh the pressure! ;)