Thursday, 15 January 2009

Come fly with me

Just a quickie - I have had my eye on these recycled bags for a few weeks, having read about them over on Inhabitat. I browsed over there today to find they have 30% off until the end of January!

Having invested in a laptop, I've been looking for a bag for it, and the Sherman is perfect. Made from recycled Virgin Atlantic aeroplane seat covers, seat belts, and bits of bicycle inner tube, this is a funky bag that should be hard-wearing - and it's a good example of creative re-use. A bit like Alex's cushions the other week! I'm really looking forward to getting it.

Bonus points to Worn Again for swiftly helping me to correct a mistake I made on the order (chose the wrong colour - d'oh). Good job I noticed as they are already processing it!


  1. What a fab bag and thanks for the tip off. For a moment I did wonder why they are getting rid of their seat covers because they are such a young company. Then I remembered their recent adverts celebrating that they are now 25 years old. How time flies (and I promise that was not intended as a pun) :-D

  2. This bag is great. I went to see it and its owner yesterday. Awesome stuff!