Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Happy landings

The Worn Again bag has arrived - hurrah! I mention it again not to gloat (not much :), but because the sum-total of the packaging is as follows:
  • a plain re-usable cotton shopping bag, with my address written directly on it
  • some brown parcel tape
  • a paper Worn Again label
  • Royal Mail labels for postage, Signed For delivery, and Local Collect
Inside, the bag and...
  • an order/packaging note (just paper, no fancy returns labels or anything)
  • a paper Worn Again Virgin label (feels recycled) tied on with raffia string
  • a flyer (also feels like recycled paper) about TheNag and AntiApathy climate change action websites
How cool is that? Kudos to Worn Again for showing other companies how it can be done.

I would have actually had it on Friday but I wasn't in to take the parcel - that's phenomenally fast delivery considering I ordered it on Thursday afternoon! I had to have it redelivered to the post office near my workplace, and the unusual packaging was also noted by the counter guy (even if he did just say "I dunno why they put it in that... er... webbing stuff").

I will have to put decoration of the bag on my to-do list, since I'd like to cover up my address! Time to talk to my friend Lizzie about fabric scraps I think :)

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